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Welcome to this site

Never test how deep the water is with both feet.
(this is your quote of the day..)

New for ctd.com.au web site and is mirrored
on a Raspberry PI 2 machine now from home..

Using LAMP with php and MySQL.
It is now written in Delphi 7 using a UniDac tunnel to connect to the mySQL database.

Also the all new Kis_Pat is just about ready. (Patient Database for allied health)
All I need to do is finish the demo side and it will be ready.
Just hop over to the forum to get a time-frame for this. 
Well don't go to the forum since I have been attacked.
The forum has been deleted in total now, so bugger. lol

Raspberry Pi 2

Dietpi for the Raspberry Pi 2
Then added the full Samba and it works very well.
Then VNC on my Windows machine to control the Pi.

The Pi is with my modem which is not with my working machine, so all work is done via the remote connection.

Live life of the Bay

Lyn and I a few years ago
when we tied the knot.

Computing & Television Design
Campbell Thomas Duncan.

Intro to this Software Design

I do feel like a learner but this is what I love to do, keeps my mind active and out of my Lyn's hair.
Web site design has always been a passion to me. Never good at it but loved having one up and going for myself. I now have my own running on a linux server somewhere. www.ctd.com.au This has been my main site but the thought of having my very own server running from home has been a dream. I started with the WAMP server idea and used a php powered CMS called e107. Works well but then along came B4J and it's websocket demos. This was too good to be true so I started on the idea of developing my very own Designer for the web server. So this is how my local server came to pass.

Hard work being a dog. My helper.

Kis_Pat Demo

This is a full working demo of Kis_Pat.
The database is running from my server so it is a general demo version only.
Some functions have been disabled, but the working model is shown.
Their is no install to be done.
Just download the demo zip file, extract to your hard drive then run Kis_Pat.exe
As this is an open demo, please refrain for inserting any real names etc. for patients.
The data is available for anyone to use.
I will reset the database at regular intervals.