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Bruny Island Lighthouse

Phantom 3 drone still

It is the second oldest extant lighthouse tower in Australia, as well as having the longest (158 years) history of being continuously manned. It was first lit in March 1838 and was eventually decommissioned on 6 August 1996.

The project was commissioned by Governor George Arthur in 1835 after a series of shipwrecks south of Bruny Island and construction began in April 1836. The lighthouse was built by convict labour using locally quarried dolerite over two years. When first lit in March 1838 it was Tasmania's third lighthouse and Australia's fourth.

Tags: "ocean"

Exif data
Camera makerDJI
Camera modelFC300C
Date taken2017:10:15 11:18:26
Exposure1/1272 sec(s)
Focal length3.6 mm

Photographer: Tom Duncan

Image Name: Bruny Island Lighthouse

Location: Bruny Island

Location Area: Bruny Island

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