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The Eagles

The bronze eagles were commissioned by HUON Aqua as a memorial for Zach Doyle.
They were sculpted by the late Stephen Walker. He died in 2014 at the age of 86. He was also responsible for the whale at cockle creek, an numerous statues in Hobart including the Mawson display new Mac 1.
They are sea eagles ,over sized ,and are a heading towards the lease where Zach was killed. When we visited the site with Stephen and Trish and Gary to decide what he should do a pair of eagles flew down and circled us really low whilst we stood there on a stormy winters day. They decided for us.
We decided we didn’t want just one as Zach should have a mate....little did we know that Gary would soon join him...so for us at Huon ... one is Zach and one is Gary soaring always into the southern gales..... they provide a beautiful place of reflection and I have heard that many people just sit there and think. I know I do.
There is no plaque because those that need to know why they are there do and Stephen Walker agreed this was most appropriate.
Just to finish the story. Zach's best mates from work helped erect them from both the land and sea, it was quite a job. When they finished they sat and had a beer with them...was a bit nice for them. They were chatting away as though Zach was there..

Tags: "eagle,ocean"

Photographer: Tom Duncan

Image Name: The Eagles


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