Mole Creek caves

Mole Creek Caves are a fascinating underground network of limestone caves in Northern Tasmania, famous for their stunning formations and unique wildlife.
Mole Creek Caves are a series of underground limestone caverns located in the central north region of Tasmania, Australia. The caves are part of the Mole Creek Karst National Park and are a popular destination for tourists and caving enthusiasts.

There are several caves in the Mole Creek system, including the King Solomon Cave, the Marakoopa Cave, and the Great Cathedral and Trowunna Caves. Each cave offers a unique and stunning underground experience, with a range of limestone formations including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and columns.

Visitors can explore the caves on guided tours, which are available for both the King Solomon and Marakoopa Caves. The tours are led by experienced guides who provide information about the geology and history of the caves and point out the various formations and features.

One of the highlights of the Marakoopa Cave tour is the Glow Worm display, where visitors can see thousands of tiny glowing worms on the cave roof, creating a magical starry night-like display. The King Solomon Cave tour, on the other hand, offers stunning formations including delicate helictites and a large underground river.

The Mole Creek Caves are also home to a range of unique wildlife, including the Tasmanian cave spider and the Tasmanian giant freshwater lobster, which are both endangered species. Visitors can learn about these animals and the other unique flora and fauna of the area at the nearby Mole Creek Karst National Park Visitor Centre.

Overall, the Mole Creek Caves are a unique and fascinating destination that offer visitors the opportunity to experience the incredible natural beauty and wonder of Tasmania's underground world.